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They Sell More Than Horse Riding Clothes

When I was looking at childrens horse riding clothes at Junior Equine, I started looking at other tabs on their main page. I had shopped from their site on a couple of different occasions, but I only looked at competition jackets for my two daughters. I didn’t need anything else, so I didn’t bother looking. This last time I looked though, I was surprised at just how many different things they sell there. In addition to any clothes that a young girl or lady would need for horse riding, they offer things for horses and even dogs too!

The last time I was there, I had looked at their clearance section. I had my eye on some boots, but I knew that it was just a luxury item rather than a necessity. That is why I decided to look at clearance, to see if they had any boots there. I didn’t worry about them being nice, because everything at Junior Equine is about quality. I knew that they needed to clear out their inventory from time to time though to make room for new items. I am so glad that I went there.

I found a pair of Harry Hall boots for each girl, but that is also where I discovered that this company sells so much more. I saw a padded head collar there for a horse, and that is why I started looking at their other tabs. I wanted to see what all they sell, and I have become a much more frequent visitor and shopper there since I found out they sell bridles, rugs, sheets, horse boots, leg wraps and so much more. They have everything I could possibly want for the horses we own as well as everything the girls need as far as their clothing needs are concerned.

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