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Galoshes Are The Best Protection Agains Bad Weather.

There are not so many people who wear galoshes today but these boots become more and more popular. They are the best protection against the bad weather like rain, mud and deep snow. The companies that produce galoshes follow the contemporary tendencies and their production is very different. There are rain boots for men, women and children, different fashion models, colors, forms, bootlegs and soles. Everyone can find the pair to wear and enjoy. Galoshes will keep feet dry and warm.
Sometimes they are called “rubber wellies” or just wellies or wellingtons. This name occurred thanks to Duke Arthur Wellington. He is thought to invent the material used to make these boots. He asked his shoemaker to upgrade the pair of his favorite boots he used to wear when going to hunting. These boots were common for soldiers but Duke Wellington liked them a lot for their durability. These soldier boots were good for riding and wearing stirrups. They were made from leather but it was not tough enough to protect the feet during the hunting. That’s why Duke Wellington wanted to upgrade these boots and invented the solution to impregnate with the leather. Its main property was to strengthen the leather and make it waterproof. In this way he received the first galoshes which were good against the moisture and mud of the rainy English forest.
Galoshes became popular much more later when the rubber was invented. This matter was the best to make the waterproof boots. In order to make the rain boots comfortable they are lined with the special tissue which prevents the feet from sweating. It is very important as the rubber is synthetic material that is not good for the skin. It is essential when there are wounds on feet or the person suffers from any other discomfort.
At first galoshes were the soldier boots only. They were made from the black thick rubber. These boots saved lots of lives as they were not slippery thanks to the special sole, waterproof and tough. These properties were extremely important for soldiers in trenches. Therefore wellington boots were widely used during World War I and World War II. However, the great properties of galoshes made them popular between men, women and children after the war was over. Galoshes were made of different sizes but the material was the same – the black rubber. That’s why stylish and fashionable women avoided wearing them. They were thought to be the boots for common people.
The companies that produced wellies were not satisfied with that. They started to use the rubber of different colors, the rain boots of different forms appeared. Soon everyone could choose the pair of the definite form, color and bootleg length. This was the first step to their popularity.

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