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Galoshes – The Best Protection From Rain

Galoshes have been invented long ago. They were very popular in the second half of the 20th century but now the situation has changed. People no longer wear galoshes although these boots are very comfortable and useful in the rainy weather. But in the recent years the new wave of their popularity goes forward. The couturiers use them in their fashion shows as the exotic accessory. Galoshes are stylish and modern again and the contemporary production allows making them very different. They are of different colors and forms, with thin and thick soles. They vary in soles and bootlegs, in toes and heels. Galoshes are now made not only from rubber but also from lots of other materials like leather, plastic, synthetic tissues etc. The shoe stores offer them of different sizes, for men, women and children. They are especially important for children as they enjoy walking and playing in the rain. It’s essential to keep their feet dry and warm as they can catch a cold much quicker than the grownups. Their body is still weak and the harmful infections have more impact on them.
Galoshes are also the right boots for different events which take place outside in the rainy weather. You can find the models which would look good enough even for the wedding! The rain boots have different colorful patterns and you can find those that will suit your holiday clothes.
Nowadays it is the new era for galoshes. The technological revolution and various discoveries have made it possible to make them more than just the protection against the rain and mud. The new tissues and special clothes allow keeping your feet both dry and warm even if the layer of the material is very thin. The rain boots can have different sizes and even ordered if the model is too specific. They are good both for the walk in the city and in the forest, for hunting and the official ceremony.
Galoshes have lots of names. One of the most popular is “wellies” or “wellingtons”. They are called so in honour of Duke Wellington. He is thought to be the first who wore these boots. Today wellies are completely waterproof and reliable unlike their ancestors. They are made not only from black rubber but also from green and yellow. These are the most popular boots. The bootlegs usually reach the knee.
At first wellies were the boots for soldiers as the weather conditions they had to survive in were often very severe. The trenches were slippery and muddy, the rains and showers could provoke various diseases and even epidemics. Rubber boots were good in saving the lives. The soldiers didn’t die in vain because of the terrible fever.
Now they can save your health too. Choose the pair or several and enjoy walking in the rain.

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