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How To Care For Unique Batik Clothing With Gold Leaf And Gold Dust

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Batik is one of cultural art form of Indonesia especially Java island. The fame of Batik clothing is highly regarded not only in Indonesia but also in the planet. Because of the long story it has, it is reasonable that Batik is regarded as one of some eldest old-fashioned fabrics not just in Indonesia but also in the world. What makes Batik outstanding as typical Javanese art form is the existence of basic Batik design that is found on wall-carved stone relief on Prambanan statue. Made from natural material and conventional tools, Batik is very antique to have. Because of the antique value it contains, batik needs special handling to maintain the quality of fabric and design. Getting sufficient knowledge concerning fabric fabrication process will ease you to determine proper saving, treatment, and cleaning. By doing proper and detain treatment, you can make your batik looking good and having longer life.

To enhance the value of batik clothes, some people often add special treatments by adding gold leaf or gold dust. The use of either gold leaf or gold dust be able to bring another look of glamour and luxury. So, the Batik cloth can have higher value on it. This type of golden decorated batik fabric is often called as Prada Batik. And this Prada Batik with gold leaf addition is used in Jogjakarta and Surakarta region. And Prada Batik with gold dust addition is used in Central Java and surroundings. Both gold leaf and dust are applied onto fabric with handmade glue.

The handmade glue is made from a mixture of egg white, linseed oil, and yellow earth. Even though the ingredients are quite simple, yet the quality of glue is best because it will not be erased after washing. Old-fashioned Batik often uses gold pain on it but now batik often uses gold leaf plus gold dust.

There is exclusive treatment to maintain the value of batik. The special treatment is in the area of cleaning process such as washing. For having best batik treatment, the use of detergent has to be paid attention. It is because wrong detergent choice will make batik fabric and the design to get worse. And even the color can change to be lighter than it should be.

To wash batik especially the Prada one, people should use detergent with low chemical ingredients. It means that batik needs special soap which is suitable for all sensitive fabric such as cotton, silky, linen, and others. It can also be washed with Indonesia traditional food named Lerak which can be bought in traditional market. After finishing cleaning process, it’s a sure to dry either bajubatik or kaos batik (Indonesian) in shade area and indirect sun lighting only. So, the color and design can be maintained well.

The Fashionable Batik Clothes For Our Daily Looks And Our Formal Appearance

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Fashion is very interesting for every people. It can make our days colourful and it will enhance our mood. There are so many parts of the fashion that we can find to enrich our knowledge in fashion. It will be very fun by knowing the great knowledge in fashion. The things in fashion can be really exciting for all people. Batik is the great things in fashion that we need to know. It becomes the great inspiration for our outfit. It can be really ethnic but can give the great style. Batik is actually a process in painting or patterning the outfits in the typical patterns. It can be obtained by handmade or the traditional process by writing or painting it by hand, it also can be obtained by printing the pattern by using a tool, and also the combination of those two methods. It is the Indonesian heritages that are fascinating. All over the places in Indonesia have its own characters in the pattern of Batik. It’s affected by the culture and tradition of each region and sometimes it is affected by the folk tales from its region.

One of many products of batik that we can use is the batik clothing. We are able to find so many types of batik clothes, like the dress, the blouse, the pants, the T-shirt, and many others. We can select the batik with the various types of materials, such as cotton, silk, and many others. We are able to select it based on the look that we need to get, for example when we want to look glamour for the formal batik clothes; we are able to choose the batik dress or shirt with the silk materials. It will be the great option for us to be worn in the formal occasions. For the pattern, we can select it based on our interest.

Besides the batik clothes, we also can find its accessories, such as the batik shoes, batik shawls, batik bags, and many others. It will be the right alternative if we want to look simple by the basic outfit and touched by the batik accessories that will give us the ethnic accent to our look. If we want to look a little bit modern by wearing baju batik (Indonesian), we are able to choose the contemporary batik that usually uses the contemporary patter with the various colours. It is also interesting and can be used for any occasions. For the casual occasions, for example for our daily use, we are able to choose kaos batik or the batik T-shirt. It still looks so stylish but still gives us the casual look without any heavy look. It also can give us the comfort for doing our fun activities and other kinds of activities in our free time.

Batik Clothes As The Perfect Option To Boost Our Look

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Fashion is the exciting thing for most people. It’s always changed and it can give the fresh air for what we wear. Sometimes it can make our life colourful and it can boost our mood in the day to do all of our daily activities. We can wear the clothes that can make us feel comfy by selecting the right materials that can give us the comfort to be used each day. The style of the outfit can also be numerous. Every person can have their own characters in dressing. There are many kinds of inspirations in fashion that we are able to choose. One of them is batik. Actually batik is the Indonesian traditional way of pattern making cloths. It also uses the classic pattern. The pattern is usually different from one place to another place in Indonesia. It is according to its tradition, culture, and sometime the folk tales. It is really unique actually.

It becomes the big inspiration to be looked stylish. We are able to wear batik for any occasions. There are so many types of outfits by using batik, for example the batik dress, batik shirt, batik blouse, batik t-shirt, and many others. It will give us the fashionable look to our style. It can be looked ethnic but still fashionable by selecting the classic patterns. We also can look so modern by choosing the modern style of the batik and its pattern. It’s really various rely on our style. Besides the outfit, we also can find the other fashion items from batik, for example the batik bags, batik shoes, batik shawl, and many others. It will be so amazing to be chosen. All types of batik provide the different look. If we only want to look simple, but want to give the statement, we are able to select the batik accessories, such as the batik bags.

It can be the alternative in wearing batik in our days. The batik clothing can still be various too. We can choose the dress or blouse with all over batik pattern or we also can choose the batik dress with the touch of batik accent for some parts of the dress. It depends on our interest. There are so many kinds of option for baju batik (Indonesian). We also can wear kaos batik or the batik t-shirt to look casual and can be used for our leisure activities, such as for holiday, and many others. Batik can boost our look because now it comes in the various styles and various patterns. That is also the reason why there are many great world designers are interested in batik and use it as their masterpiece. In wearing batik clothing, still we need to mix and math it properly as we need to do for other types of patterned clothes.

T-Shirt Printing Trend

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

If you would like to make a fashion statement, it is a great idea to wear printed T-shirt. There are many options for trendy, punchy T-shirt. Buy off-the-rack or make your own like many famous people. It is the best way to speak out, to make a point or simply to have fun by wearing T-shirt with animal/people motifs, snappy slogans or arty prints.

Bold, large slogans, color graphics on the front and back of T-shirt are popular this year. Stunning prints with interesting images and slogans will definitely catch attention of people. Dare to make an impact by wearing one of the stop-and-stare T-shirts with amazing phrases and intricate graphics.

Celebrities all over the world are wearing printed T-shirts. Be trendy just like Lindsay Lohan, Will Smith, and Blake Lively, star of Gossip Girl TV series. Find yourself fashionable. Follow the trend and impress the others by getting an incredible T-shirt.

Prints on clothes are defined with the notion of self-expression, casual style and non-conformism. It has always been a great way to protest and to state your point of view. Many popular labels use prints on the T-shirts to demonstrate social issues and controversial points. The trendy British label Mulberry has brought out special edition of the T-shirts rising earth pollution issues.

It is up to you whether to buy a printed T-shirt or to design your own. For many people it is a way to speak out and to make their point. Choose your clothes with the meaning. It is much more interesting to have something written on your T-shirt than to be average. Sometimes catchy phrase can make you special. It seems to be a crazy trend to wear avant garde, creative T-shirt. No one wants to be unseen. Each person is special and, that is why, clever T-shirt print can help you to show up.

Often people want to present or purchase something unique, and tee shirt is one of such things. To make it exclusive one can print on Tshirt which can be done on this t shirt design site.

Batik Clothes – The Inspiration To Look Amazing For Every Events

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

There are so many types of outfits that can wrap our body to protect it from every bad things and as a means to boost our confidence by having a good looking appearance. There are a lot of people who feel unsatisfied with their body shape, by selecting the right outfit it will be able to conceal the imperfect body shape that can decrease our self confidence. Besides the main function of the outfit, it also plays the big function to build our characters.

There are most people, who have the different styles. It is something unique too for us. We are able to express our style by using the outfit based on our styles. We can select to use batik as one of our fashion items. It is really unique and it will give the characters for our style. Batik comes with all the various styles and kinds. It can be very attractive. As we know, batik is typically full of pattern that will give us the exclusive style. It will look so fashionable, especially if we can mix and match it.

There are so many types of batik that we can choose. One of many common batik that we can select is as a form of batik clothing or batik dress. Nowadays we are able to select so many kinds of patterns that we are interested in. As we know, batik is originated from Indonesia, and there are so many places in Indonesia that each place has its own characteristics on batik, for example the batik Cirebon, which comes from Madura, with its own character by using the colourful pattern that will be different from the Batik Jogja that is dominated by the natural colour like black, brown, white. The pattern of every of the batik can also be different. It depends on the tradition, and characters of the region. It can be very interesting.

Nowadays, there are many types of form of the batik. Besides the baju batik (Indonesian), we also can find the batik shawl, batik bag, batik shoes, and many others. There are also many world designers that are interested in using batik for their master piece and it looks so stylish and so fashionable. The batik pattern will be the great choice to look so stylish. We don’t need to use batik all over our body. We can use is as an accent or touch to our outfits. We can wear the bajubatik and wear the simple bag and shoes as the complementary. Make it look bold by getting the statement of the batik as our style. For the casual look and daily activities, we can select batik t-shirt that will still offers the fashionable looks but still casual to be worn each day.

Batik For The Varied Styles Of Our Appearance

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Indonesia is one of many big countries with its great culture and tradition which are really fascinating. With its culture, history, and tradition, it becomes really exciting for all people. There are so many types of attractions that we can get there. One of many great Indonesian attractions is Batik. It can be really interesting because of its uniqueness. Now, it also will become one of the parts of the interesting fashion style by the existence of the assorted fashionable styles that use batik. It can be proved that there are a lot of designers that use batik as the materials of their designs.

Batik is actually means the process in colouring and patterning the clothes by using the traditional method and the typical pattern. Indonesia consists of many regions and almost every of the regions have their own characteristic on the batik. That is the reason why it becomes very various from its patterns and colour. It’s because every region in Indonesia has the special cultures and traditions. It gives the great interest to all people.

One of the products that are using batik is the batik clothing. It will become really exciting because nowadays we can find the various styles and various categories of batik clothes that will give us the fashionable look. We can get the ethnic look yet fashionable by the use of the batik. It can give any types of style for us based on its design and its pattern. We also need to mixing and matching it by the right complements, to get the look that we want. So, it can give us any types of styles by using the right complements on our batik outfits. For example when we want to look simple we just need to wear batik blouse or dress that is combined by wearing the flat shoes and casual bags. When we want to look a little bit dressed up for the little bit formal occasion, we can wear the batik dress or blouse and wearing the high heels and clutch bags. It also can be done for the men. By wearing the baju batik (Indonesian) it can give the various styles for any occasions.

There are so many types of batik that we can choose. The bajubatik also come in the various categories of materials that are used, for example the silk materials, the cotton materials, and many others. Each kind of the materials can give the different look too, for example the silk material that will give the elegant look that will be great to be used as the formal outfits. One of the batik outfits that are made from the cotton material is batik t-shirt. It will be suitable to be worn for our casual look.

Great Working Through The Neat Batik

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Batikis a special cloth that you can find today. This is special since it is not something that’s produced in mass way. You’ll find them exclusively made by a very artistic person who understands not just about the technique of making batik, and also the philosophy of the design that they draw in the batik cloth.

This is a very fantastic process to make the magnificent batik. You might have one of them from your visit to Java, Indonesia and still have it in its perfect look after years to come. Well, it’s possible because you never wear it! Although you really need to wear it on special occasions that you attend, you still feel reluctant to bring your batik collection out of the wardrobe. This batik is too precious to be washed with washing machine just like the commonly found way of cleaning the dirty cloth. Why do you need to be that sad for not being able to wear your fantastic collection? This batik is created to please the owner or the user. So, you are invited to experience the pleasure of wearing batik by letting you know about a few guidelines to maintain it. So, you will not feel afraid anymore for ruining the batik after you wear it.

If you want to have the best batik in every moment in your life, you only have to follow the suggestions that you will find later. To look great means look neat too right? Well, if it is about the batik, you need to do a little extra effort to keep them well. After you dry the batik outside in the shady spot, you will need to know how to iron it. This is not about the common cloth that you always wear each day; this is something much more precious than that. You need not to iron it directly, right after you take it from the back yard after several hours of drying process outside. Leave it for some minutes before you iron it. Before you start ironing it, you be able to spray I little amount of water onto the batik and cover with cheesecloth. If you want to give certain perfume to the hand written batik, cover it first with newspaper, then spray the perfume onto the newspaper layer. Later, you can directly iron the batik that has been covered by this newspaper.

Now you have proved by yourself that the valuable collection like batik, sometimes doesn’t need the complicated process to keep it well. You can easily use the devices that are provided by God, like the sun shine, and others. Your daily found items could also be used to take care of your batik, like the newspaper, the shampoo, the bathing bar soap, and others.

If you are willing to be innovative, and searching for the way to maintain it independently through the online service anytime you can, you’ll always find a help to take care of your beautiful baju batik (Indonesian). You can also meet new friends who have the similar interests with you on batik. They know how their performance will be boosted by the bajubatik, and how no one would refuse to wear it to the formal occasions, since it seems to be a perfect outfit for such gala dinner, exclusive wedding party, or the others.

Maintain The Collections Of Batik Clothes Professionally By Yourself

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Batikis one of many nicest clothing in the world. It’s very exclusive and lovely since it has the beauty of culture especially Indonesian or specifically Javanese culture. If you haven’t come to Indonesia or Java yet, having this batik first is a good choice. You can discover them online if you want to. You can purchase them right from the artist in Java, or have them displayed in Indonesian store in your country. Well, it has been proven that batik grabs the love of many people, men, and women, old, young; everyone loves it and willing to have it as one of their fashion collection.

When you love batik so much, you must want to keep it in its good condition always. Well, you can do it with no having to pay a lot money to the professional laundry. You can perform the professional care for your lovely batik by following the traditional tips on tips to maintain this batik. Detail information could be found online, the special soap that is made just for batik could also be found online, but if you can’t found it, you can find the alternative way.

It’snever suggested to wash batik with washing machine. You have to wash it traditionally with your hands and dry it under the sunshine directly. So, making the backyard as the strategic area to dry it out is a good choice. Still, there are several notes that you need to know in drying your batik under the sun. Before you dry it outside, you better not squeeze it too hard from the water. After that, try to find a spot that is not directly under the sun, so, your batik doesn’t need to feel the sunshine directly, but just a little through the shady space where you hang it out.

That is not a difficult thing to have right? Now you know that maintaining your batik is not hard at all. You do not even need to purchase the expensive equipments to maintain it. If you want to, you can sell your special service in handling batik online. So, you can help the people surround you in maintaining their beautiful batik.

Actually to have the luxurious batik will not leave you with difficult process of maintenance. You don’t even spare more money besides the huge amount of money that you have used to by the best written batik in the highest quality silk and the magnificent design from the famed designer. baju batik (Indonesian) is like a great collection that you can keep for the rest of your life. It will be the dress that you always feel proud to wear in gala dinner or other special event that you have.

Now you are part of the community from all over the world who love batik and willing to keep it and wear it as one of the way to preserve it among the urban life style that influence the life a lot. There’s nothing more comfy than the great design of an artistic fashion designer that is expressed on a fabulous silk. It’s absolutely magnificent bajubatik that will grab the attention of everybody who comes to the party, and none of them might think that there are no difficulties in maintaining the kaos batik.

Tips To Take Care Of The Wonderful Batik Clothes

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Batik clothing is a truly valuable think that you can get from the fashion world. Of course it has different value from those clothing made by world class designers. That is more about the appreciation on the great creation of the human intelligence especially on art. You must understand how this batik has been created by the ancestors in Indonesia as the high class outfits for royal family. That time, the batik still comes in its traditional style that’s highly appreciated on the era.

Nowadays, the advance technology that has influenced the lifestyle of the people does not let this batik to be buried. Even better, this very precious clothes is modified to be suited with the current era with no leaving the high prestige of it. Well, you can say so, since the unique hand written batik could cost as high as one motorbike, especially if it is made on a top quality cloth like silk.

Now that you are having a very beautiful batik ever, you need to know exactly how to take care of it, so that you can still use it as often as you like without making it looks old. There are some ways that you can do to maintain your batik still in its new condition and able to be wore up to years later. One of the maintenance techniques is the washing process.

To wash this batik, you better use special detergent that is made special for batik. You can find them easily on the supermarket, or online if you can’t find one in the supermarket nearby. If, unfortunately there’s no time to buy the detergent, you can use your hair shampoo. Dissolve the shampoo with water, and then soak the batik in that water. Leave it for sometimes just like the way you wash your other cloth. Then wash it as usual with hands. That is vital since you need to wash it gently. If you used to bring your dirty cloth to the laundry, special for this one piece batik you better handle it alone. It might take a little of your spare time, but you will never regret that. Imagine if your lovely batik lost its beauty only after two times of wearing. You don’t want this to happen to you, especially because you bought it with extra budget right?

If you need to keep this batik in its brightest color like when you have just bought it, you better not rub it, no matter only once, twice, or often. Never ever use detergent to clean this batik. The process of making that are passing different process and different materials from the common convection, makes this baju batik (Indonesian) really demand special treatment too if you really want to keep it well for years. This process of maintenance that might be a little bit complicated is worth to do, since this is about the valuable batik that could be considered as a precious inheritance too.

Well, what if accidentally your bajubatik gets food stains? Do not get panic yet, you are able to simply clean the food stain using the bathing bar soap that you have at home. It is very easy to find right? You can use them to solve the problem. One more thing that you must remember also, isn’t to use washing machine for washing your lovely kaos batik.

Special Batik Clothing Used For Many Ocassions

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Batik clothing could make you seem stunning among others. Today people are trying to perform as great as possible, not only women but also men. You might be inspired by the models or the idols that you see on Television, but still, the perfect style will be the one that comes out from your character. If you are art lover, you’ll be able to express it through batik clothing that gets really well-known today. As you know that this is a exclusive cloth from Indonesia, which has a very beautiful pattern that could beautify your performance no matter what the occasion is.

You may use this batik clothing to go to the workplace, for a garden party, or even to a wedding part. It is absolutely great option for numerous purposes. The one that you must match is the cut of the cloth. You are able to take the dress for gala dinner, or the skirt for the meeting with important client, and many more. As long as you’re using batik, you can show your best look and surely your appreciation to the one who invites you. It’s important to pay attention on the dress code too right? So, don’t worry about what the people say when you choose to wear one dress. As long as you believe that it is the best dress which suits the event, you’ll perform fantastically with the confident that you show.

The uniqueness of batik has long grabbed the attention of much fashion stylish. If you are one of them, you might have expected the moment when it gets booming, or when people realize that this isn’t an old fashioned pattern that cannot be modified to follow the urban style. You can see how originally batik is used just for formal occasion since the history of batik comes from royal family, but now, you may find batik in more various styles and certainly more modern. You be able to match it with your young soul and wear it together with your lovely denim for a barbeque party. You can pick the one that has bright colors that suit your soul and surely the party.

Actually, it is not difficult to find batik clothing these days; you can find them easily online. Even if you want to make the design by yourself you can do so, by purchasing the cloth only. Therefore, you be able to also express your own idea in the form of unique batik on your own creation.

You could show your love to the universal art through the dress that you wear. For now, if it is about the batik please enjoy, because perhaps on the next season, you already have another interesting pattern from another part of the planet. One thing for sure, your baju batik (Indonesian) collection will never out of date. It is an eternal style that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

The style of the cloth could be changing but the bajubatik pattern will never change. It could be modified, but the original pattern will always be there for your great granddaughter to enjoy years later. It is a great inheritance, and a great fashion collection that everyone would not want to miss. So, never doubt your choice on kaos batik because you are picking the artistic and classy style of clothing that you will be able to use forever.