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Help for travelers

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

Most people are familiar with the area where they are living for a long period of time, however they are at a distinct disadvantage when they travel to a new city or place, especially when they are alone. It remains difficult to predict what kind of people they will meet, as it remains difficult to trust anyone with whom he or she has interacted with only for a short period of time.
With advances in technology and hitech torture weapons being widely used, a person can fall sick while traveling due to factors beyond his or her control. There are some methods of tips for travelers to avoid problems when then travel. More details at Travelers Help, advice for people who travel to a new place or on work.

Powerful officials falsely claim jeans clad frauds are online exporters

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

In a clear indication of how unscientific, incompetent and irrational the extremely powerful indian intelligence and security agencies are, they falsely claim that jeans clad or westernized or good looking frauds are exporters to get them lucrative indian government jobs when these lazy greedy fraud women do not make a single rupee from exports.
These westernized or good looking women are extremely lazy and mediocre, do not have the inclination or interested to provide any product or service which can be digitally delivered. However they are experts in seducing the powerful fraud top officials who will shamelessly make fake claims that their friends or relatives are online exporters
In an indication of how poorly india is governed,no action is taken against the fraud top officials who are making completely fake claims to promote their lazy greedy goodlooking westernized, jeans clad, fraud friends.

Videos for slander, defamation

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

With advances in technology, increasingly security and intelligence agencies are using videos to judge the character, morals and competence of an individual, misusing the aerial surveillance and CCTV footage. Any enemy of an innocent person can manipulate the video footage to destroy the life and reputation of the person, especially if the person is under surveillance for a long period of time. The shocking story of how video footage is being manipulated and misused by indian security and intelligence agencies to destroy the life, reputation of harmless innnocent brilliant indian citizens, wasting indian tax payer money.

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Job applicants asked to remove clothes

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

In an indication of how inhumane some security agency officials are, applicants for the post of clerk in the army were asked to remove all their clothes, except their underwear while taking their exam. The newspapers and other media are carrying photos of how hundreds of young men were taking the exam in the open under the hot sun clad only in their underwear and a case is being filed in the Patna high court. The army officials are claiming that applicants were asked to remove their clothes to prevent cheating in an indication of how widespread cheating in India remains as the clothes worn would be used to conceal data for cheating.
Those who were not willing to remove their clothes while taking the exam were told to leave according to Dinu Kumar, the advocate who filed the case. According to the army regional office 1159 candidates wrote the exam, sitting on the ground in an open field or parade ground in the open in their underwear during the day, which are the worst possible conditions to write any exam. All these exam applicants were being closely monitored by the fully clothed army staff. It appears that the army is conditioning the applicant for further harassment later in life if they pass the exam, again indicating the demand for army jobs

Most young women wear shirts to work

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Increasingly young women in India working in large companies especially in the tech sector are discarding indian clothes like salwar kameez, kurtis and wearing shirts to office due to the change in the corporate culture in India. However shirts are most suitable for young women who are relatively slim, for older indian women who tend to put on some weight, Indian ethnic clothes are far more suitable.
In some cases, these women wear shirts which are transparent, especially white shirts , which are highly unsuitable. For example at a seminar, the representative of registry wore a white shirt, which was semi transparent, and inadvisable in a male gathering.
It would be interesting to know whether the companies are insisting that their employees wear western clothes or the women make a choice.