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A Piece of Mind for Rose

One aspect of being a man is protecting your property and providing a safe home for your family. My father taught me that at an early age. he always made sure that my mother, brother, and I had a safe roof over our heads. Now, I am doing the same for me and my wife Rose. I love her so much. I would do anything for her. She is truly the love of my life. Recently, I had a threat to my home security. My neighbor’s home was burglarized. I needed cctv systems for my home. I needed to protect my home and my wife at all costs.

We wife Rose and I live in a very upscale neighborhood. I am financially blessed to afford a home in this exclusive neighborhood. We have a nice neighborhood watch. We all look out for each other. Recently, one my neighbor’s home was robbed. The crooks took a lot of his valuable possessions. His electronics, jewelry, and some family heirlooms were stolen. He was devastated. Some of the stolen property had sentimental value to him.

Another person was robbed two weeks ago as well. I feared that the neighborhood was under a crime wave. I was afraid that my home would be the next target for the robbers. I have a lot of valuable things in my home, mainly my wife Rose.

The following day, I called a security company to install a cctv system into my home. One of my neighbors recommended them to me, Their prices were very reasonable. I signed up to have ten cameras around my home. The installation crew was very professional. They installed my camera and system very quickly. I linked my smartphone to the cameras. This way, I could see any intruders even while I am away from home. I felt better knowing that Rose was safe.

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