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Fitting of clothes indicates weight loss or weight gain

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

Due to lack of honest obc/bhandari leaders, officials, single women bhandari engineers with a good JEE rank, migrants from north karnataka, are subjected to resume robbery by indian government agencies after criminally defaming them, making completely fake allegations without any legally valid proof,
The LIAR CHEATER government agencies refuse to acknowledge the time and money which she spends, ROBBING all her data to make fake claims about their lazy greedy cheater employees who do not spend any time, and money online in a government fraud which can be legally proved checking the income tax returns of the online fraudster raw/cbi employees.
Due to the ONLINE SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD of indian government agencies, the domain investor has been forced to live in 5-6 different houses in the last 12 years. In goa, the domain investor was not even allowed to take most of her clothes with her. The domain investor is also finding it extremely difficult to get well fitting clothes in the metro city where she lives
After a few years, the domain investor has been allowed to access her clothes and other items for a short time. She finds that at least some of the clothes are fitting well, indicating that her weight has remained almost the same.